About Us

The Company

reDrives S.r.l. is an Italian startup company with expertise in the field of electrical drives and power electronics. It is based in Sicily near to the Etna Valley, a large area so called for the presence of high tech companies and the stunning view of the Etna volcano. It was founded in 2015 by Dr. Alberto Gaeta, after years of  applied research within Italian and international Universities.

reDrives S.r.l.
Limited Liability, Sole ShareHolder Company
Registered Office: via Tommaso Fazello 5,  96016, Lentini (SR), Italy
Telephone + 39 095 8133121
Share Capital € 20,000 fully paid
VAT Reg. No. IT 01875070896
Company House Reg. No. SR-154640
Alberto Gaeta
via Roma 41, 96016, Lentini (SR), Italy

Our Mission

Not all the best available technology is effectively inside the products we use everyday. We believe that even the state-of-the-art technology should be continuously improved and, if necessary, reengineered to make it ready for the market and guarantee a sustainable technological evolution to future generations. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for helping the transition to a low carbon, more electric world.